Hair transplant enhancement. If, in the past you have undergone a hair transplant, you may still be looking for products or other treatments that help you get the best from your transplant.

Often our clients don’t stay on the hair loss medications and as a result their natural hair continues to follow the male pattern baldness pattern – leaving their grafts looking sparse.

Using SMP is the ‘icing on the cake’ to finish off the hair transplant enhancement process.

Placing pigment between the hairs gives the illusion of fullness.

Many clients swap over from using hair thickening fibres to SMP as they no longer wish to use a semi-permanent product.

Our SMP ink does not affect the hair transplant growth. In fact – because the sessions involve needling the skin, sometimes the sessions wake up resting hair in the dormant stage of growth.

Scalp MicroPigmentation is starting to become Australia’s best kept secret for creating more density permanently with no on-going maintenance. It is ideal for hair transplant enhancement.