Although never as severe as in males, female hair loss or female pattern baldness is nevertheless quite common and is said to affect one in three ladies.

Female Hair Loss Scale

Female hair loss is usually inherited from somewhere in the family and has a recognisable pattern. The loss is worst at the front, just behind the fringe and still grows strong at the back. Sometimes no preceding females with hair loss can be identified but the pattern of loss speaks of a genetic origin.

As a precaution, blood tests are necessary to exclude other diseases, metabolic conditions, hormone imbalances etc which can cause female hair loss but the pattern with these conditions is different. This can be arranged through Scalp MicroPigmentation Adelaide’s visiting doctor.

A diffuse thinning of varying degree, it is usually worse in the frontal area. There is commonly a family history of it, beginning sometimes as early as puberty, and as can be imagined is often associated with anxiety.

Scalp MicroPigmentation is a simple, surgical and medication free solution to help camouflage female pattern hair loss. Female balding can be very distressing, our options can help you regain a little hair confidence.

Female pattern thinning is a completely different condition to male pattern baldness as it is not caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is characterised by gradual thinning with age but almost never proceeds to total baldness.

Fortunately, the hair at to the crown is usually spared and can be used for transplantation as in males.

Minoxidil solution helps a little, but Finasteride (Proscar, Propecia, Finnacar) fail to provide clinical benefits to most woman with hair loss – reinforcing the presumption that a pathway not involving HDT is involved.

Although the subset of woman who suffer from hyperandrogenic conditions will experience pattern hair loss, often in a pattern similar to MPHL and may therefore benefit from antiandrogen therapy and/or PRP, this group does not appear to represent the majority of woman suffering from hair loss.

Below is a common scale of hair loss used to determine the stage of hair loss present in women.

Hair Miniaturisation