Caitlin James, Master Technician for Scalp MicroPigmentation Adelaide and senior practitioner for Scalp MicroPigmentation Australia.

Caitlin James - Scalp Micropigmentation Adelaide
Caitlin James - Scalp Micropigmentation Adelaide
Caitlin James - Scalp Micropigmentation Adelaide
Caitlin James - Scalp Micropigmentation Adelaide
Caitlin James - Scalp Micropigmentation Adelaide
Caitlin James - Scalp Micropigmentation Adelaide

Master Technician, Caitlin James

Scalp Micropigmentation was founded in 2015 by Caitlin James. Caitlin’s love of aesthetics started in 2005 when she completed her Diploma of Beauty Therapy, completing her International Diploma (CIDESCO) and British (CIBTAC). Caitlin was awarded the highest college theory marks for her study and also travelled to complete her Spa Therapy Diploma.

After several years in the beauty industry, Caitlin transitioned into working with Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Laser Tattoo Removal at one of Adelaide’s busiest laser clinics, working with Class 4 Medical Lasers.

Caitlin then commenced work at a Cosmetic Day Surgery and where she was trained as a hair transplant technician, working with lasers and as a clinical administrator.

Caitlin loved the hair transplant work and started working at Adelaide’s leading hair transplant clinic Norwood Day Surgery (where she still works as a Hair Transplant Technician).

We are now Scalp Guru Certified!

Caitlin James’ Scalp MicroPigmentation experience, internationally trained by the world’s leading experts in hair loss treatment.

Caitlin has 10 years’ experience as a hair transplant technician and was certified in 2011 at the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Transplant Surgery). Caitlin’s unique planting method was recognised internationally, and she was asked to present at the 2017 Annual Conference in Prague.

Caitlin’s Scalp MicroPigmentation career began in 2015, learning basic skills at the Australian College of Cosmetic Tattoo – although certified, the results were not world class. Caitlin went on to complete further study in SMP travelling to Phoenix Arizona to spend time with world renowned SMP practitioners Bryce Cleveland and Joe Taylor, who mentored her skills and technique. Caitlin then spent time in Seattle with friend Pam Neighbours from Trillium Ink who has over 30 years cosmetic tattoo experience.

In 2017 Caitlin travelled to Birmingham UK to completing a master class program, perfecting her skills on advanced techniques for Facial Stubble Replication, Alopecia Design and learning new ink and pigment techniques.

Caitlin spent time in the UK with the world leaders in Scalp MicroPigmentation, Paul Clark and Simon Lane from the Brandwood Clinic.

Caitlin’s experience and artistic ability with Scalp Micropigmentation ensures that her Australian clients receive the very best results.

Caitlin was asked to present at the first independent body Scalp MicroPigmentation Conference hosted by Scalp Guru in Leeds in the United Kingdom. Caitlin presented a topic well known to her on Hair Transplant procedures and how well they can be combined with SMP or how SMP can be used to camouflage past scalp scarring.

Caitlin holds a nationally accredited certificate in Design and Perform Cosmetic Tattoo Diploma and Infection Control Certification.

Our Vision

To establish Scalp MicroPigmentation Adelaide as Australia’s leading authority in non-surgical hair restoration using advanced tattooing techniques.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to achieve excellence in non-surgical outcomes by promoting patient education, international collegiality, research, ethics, and public awareness. Scalp MicroPigmentation Adelaide provides the latest information and news on the topic of non-surgical hair restoration to the general public.

UK Brandwood Clinic Training 2017

UK Scalp Guru Conference – Leeds 2017

Caitlin James is one of the world’s leading SMP Practitioners – clients travel from all over Australia to receive their transformations.

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Scalp MicroPigmentation Australia specialises in natural and realistic results. We are recognised as the authority in Australia for Scalp Tattoo Treatments.

Visit our Results page to see before and after picture transformations.

US Master Class Scalp MicroPigmentation Training 2016