Caitlin James Attended The Scalp Guru – Meeting of Minds 2017 SMP Conference Leeds UK

June 9, 2017

Caitlin James from Scalp MicroPigmentation Adelaide Australia was lucky enough to be selected to present at this years’ 2017 Scalp Guru ‘Meeting of Minds’ held in Leeds UK last month. This is the first ever conference for Scalp MicroPigmentation that has been held by independent blogger Damien Porter – Scalp Guru. It was such an amazing event, so many independent SMP Practitioners from all over the world made it to one place all to be apart of the first event of its kind.

‘I was so excited to share information, talk all things SMP and listen to some amazing SMP Practitioners who have been treating since the industry began almost 10 years ago. People that I follow and support on Facebook and Instagram were there so it was so exciting to meet people face to face and spend time with them, and  have a blast with friends I met a few years back’ – Caitlin James

Speaking at the conference, Caitlin was first speaker discussing the Hair Transplant industry, how to handle hair transplant patients, procedures past and present and how how we can work together. Matthew from Scalp Micro USA discussed marketing and consultation. Damien covered FAQ a discussion on questions sent in before the conference. Valarie Webber talked about how to create a rock solid reputation and lastly David Andrews from Brandwood Clinic talked about the need for a independent guild – non-f