Female hair loss camouflage options

August 26, 2015

Most women who are experiencing different degrees of female hair loss search for camouflage treatments to help disguise their thinning hair. Temporary concealers normally come in one of three forms: creams, powders, or sprays. The goal of each is to minimise the contrast between scalp and hair. Let’s imagine you’ve got an important social event coming up. Maybe it’s the wedding of a close friend. You will mainly be among friends, but you are nervous about the photographs. In particular, you’re nervous about photographs that catch your bald spot in an unflattering light. On occasions when you need a little extra confidence and a spring in your step, cosmetic concealers can be a good solution. It is all about how comfortable you feel. Of course, the other advantage is that it is a low-cost alternative to other treatments and has an immediate effect. So – this sounds good, lets look at the disadvantages. While it’s the goal of any hair loss solution to enable users to feel less self-conscious about their hair loss, regular users of temporary concealers often describe feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, or fear of being “found out.” Instead of feeling freer and less anxious about their hair loss, they feel bound to limited physical activities and social situations. For example, the effect that sweat, rain or humidity can have on some product or hard-to-explain stains o