Scars / Alopecia

SMP for Scalp Scars and Previous Hair Transplant Scars

Many hair transplantation clients who have older hair transplants such as Alopecia Reductions, Scalp Reduction, Plugs or Flaps, or have poor healing, suffer from visible scars at the back of the head. For those who have lost more hair since the procedure, or didn’t have a successful hair transplant, often find themselves restricted in their hair styles due to trying to camouflage scars.

Shaving the hair down to hide the thinning and balding area will reveal the scar(s) and growing the hair at the back will make the thin and balding area more obvious. This is where SMP can help camouflage the scar allowing the client to freely shave or wear their hair short – or also placing some pigment through the front to create a more dense appearance.

Scalp Micropigmentation Australia - Scar Removal - Before & After

Alopecia Reductions – these scars usually appear in many different shapes across the top of the scalp – applying Scalp Micropigmentation to these scars can camouflage them, giving the patient hair freedom again.

FUT or strip harvesting scars are linear scars and often run from one ear to another – sometimes on top of each other if multiple transplants are performed. These scars should be extremely fine and linear but occasionally a scar can become spread whilst healing – making it difficult to wear the hair short.

Scalp Micropigmentation Australia - Scar Removal - Before & After

FUE or Follicle Unit Extraction can leave a tiny whitish dot at the back of the scalp, where the hairs have been extracted from the donor area. Most Hair Transplant surgeons use a 0.8mm round blade or smaller so this usually isn’t an issue however, is a surgeon uses a punch that is too big, or the patient is prone to scarring – this can result is a white speckling appearance across the donor area. Most clients have fantastic results with SMP, regardless of them keeping the hair shaved or longer.

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Camouflage for Alopecia

Alopecia, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis or female genetic unpatterned alopecia generally reflects reduced hair densities by different degrees and distributions. For early thinning or balding, styling manipulations is the first step taken by many eg. comb-forward or bouffant or styling over a scarring alopecia area.

SMP Treatment for Alopecia

SMP Treatment for Alopecia

Styling options evolve over long periods of time as hair loss processes. Many Caucasians with chronic alopecia may change their hair colour from dark to light effectively reducing the contrast between a dark hair colour and a lighter skin colour. These changes can camouflage and diffuse areas of localised alopecia.

The use of hair fibres can match scalp colour and when combined with styling modifications can be effective in areas of the scalp where balding or thinning is occurring. Many temporary concealers such as hair fibres interact with everyday life whether it be shedding on clothing, bedspreads or becoming runny in the rain or with perspiration. These can become costly over a period of time.

SMP can be utilised in a variety of ways, greatly expanding cosmetic treatment options for various forms of alopecia. It has great value as part of any effort to make a person’s hair appear more plentiful. It is very effective in camouflaging scars and blending areas of scarred tissue where hair no-longer grows.

Traction alopecia and numerous other hair diseases can be addressed with this treatment, and we can help camouflage the damage with Scalp MicroPigmentation for Alopecia treatment, so that sufferers of these conditions can continue their life feeling more confident about the way they look.

SMP is a permanent hair concealer for both men and women. Scalp tattoos have been used in the past to darken the scalp in Caucasians with alopecia, however, the art has not been aesthetically pleasing and therefore, has not been routinely accepted by doctors of cosmetologists. The recent refinement of the tattoo process for scalp applications blends the technical component of a tattoo instrument and carefully selected inks. When this is combined with the artistic and technical skills of a provider, it can address coverage of many scalp and hair cosmetic conditions.

Alopecia Univalis is the name given to total hair loss. SMP can give back a patient’s confidence – recreating a new hairline and shape over the whole scalp. This is a large area to cover – multiple sessions are required to complete comfortably for both the client and hair tech.


Scalp MicroPigmentation - Scalp Scar Camouflage

Scalp MicroPigmentation – Scalp Scar Camouflage