Premature Hair Loss Treatment Options

September 9, 2015
Male Hair Loss Treatment - Short Hair

SMP Before and After for Hair Loss – Adelaide

Not ready to loose your hair just yet? There are many companies, treatments, medications, surgery, lotions and therapies available to help premature hair loss to try and re-grow your hair. Premature hair loss can affect both men and women but for different reasons. Hair loss and miniaturization of hair results due to hormones. Controlling these can help with controlling loosing hair further. For now, camouflaging the hair loss you have is where we can help.

Here is what we have to offer at SMP Adelaide.

Scalp Tattooing  – creating the illusion of hair follicles through tattooing to replicate hair follicles giving the look of a full head of hair permanently. It takes three sessions to complete the treatment process. Unlike body tattoos, the treatments are reasonably comfortable with a 0-4/10 pain score, in-fact we often have a number of clients fall asleep for part of the procedure. Results lasts differently for everyone given coverage and lifestyle factors – this will be discussed in detail at your consultation. Redness can be apparent for a few days after treatment, wearing a hat is ok to protect your head in the first few days. It is essential that you use the aftercare cream supplied with your treatment for best results and as a protections against a infections.

No maintenance apart from sunblock and moisturizer – it couldn’t be simpler than that.

Read all about it at to see if this procedure is right for you or book your free consultation today.