How Scalp Micropigmentation Adelaide Is A Solution For Hair Loss Issues

May 24, 2016

How Scalp Micropigmentation Adelaide Is A Solution For Hair Loss Issues?

If you are among those persons who are considering Scalp Micropigmentation in Adelaide to correct the appearance of hair loss, this article is an essential comparison of advantages that Scalp Micropigmentation offers in response to other hair replacement system in Adelaide. The procedure is a considerate option for those who are not ideal candidates of hair transplantation or don’t want to have surgery. The tattooed or pigmented scalp is smooth to touch, as would be the bald scalp but looks convincing as though a buzz cut or use SMP as a density treatment for long hair in both men and women.

Application of Scalp Micropigmentation and Candidature:

The procedure is appropriate for concealing scalp scars that may be hidden underneath layers of hair, notably linear scar left by a FUT strip procedure, or small patchy baldness due to scarring alopecia, burns or any other means. Full scale baldness coverage can also be achieved with this procedure depending on the patient’s condition and taste.

It can be ideal for camouflaging diffusive hair thinning, common with women’s androgenic hair loss, or patients with insufficient donor hair, or any means that make a candidate not suitable to have hair restoration surgery.

Scalp Micropigmentation can also performed in conjunction with a hair transplant surgery, or in revision procedure of a previously done procedure. Hair transplantation might also be done after scalp pigmentation, perhaps on an occasion when the person didn’t want to opt for surgery earlier.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation:

Scalp micropigmentation is an effective non-invasive treatment for hair loss as it replicates the appearance of hair follicles to create the impression of a closely shaved, full head of hair. Scalp Micropigmentation in Adelaide offers a much predictable, instant and permanent result as compared to any other form of hair restoration treatment process in Adelaide.
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The Procedure:
* Get a free of cost consultation with us to know about the procedure and its possible potentials for your benefit, along with virtual imaging to conceptualize your results.

* The procedure is generally safe, and doesn’t require any medical assessment as such; however, allergic reactions and infection tendencies are assessed about the patient.

* It is recommended to have 3 standard sessions to achieve the best results for a typical FUT strip or FUE scar pigmentation. Regardless of the area treated, three standard sessions will be performed. For full head coverage it will take 3 sittings to achieve the desired result, these session range in time from 3 to 6 hours each. Scar sittings are usually one hour.

The procedure is usually very comfortable for clients – on a pain score of 1 to 10 (1 being comfortable and 10 being unbearable) majority of clients give the treatment a score of 2-3. The treatment  simply involves strategic placement of inked pigments with micro-needles that do not insert as deep as general tattoos. The ink made by Scalp Aesthetics ensemble a naturalistic shade chosen by our hair techs. The hair line is designed as most suitable to the patient’s face shape and natural hair line. Quite some time is taken to discuss the hair line if we are changing the shape.

After The Procedure:
Immediately after completion of the pigmentation, the color would sit in a lighter shade of pink or coral that gradually sets in the next 48hours. The first applied color might fade within few days as you wash your head, which is why a second or several more touch ups are indicated to get a final permanent color. The gaps between each session could be 4-7days, or several weeks depending on the requirement of individual patients.

Scalp Micropigmentation in Adelaide vs Hair Transplant Surgery:

If you refer to any hair transplant review, you may find that hair transplant surgery is the only permanent hair loss solution, but there is a catch! Hair transplant in Australia, whether its FUE hair transplant in Australia or FUT, it can be effective, but surgery isn’t for everyone.

In Hair transplant procedure, hair loss technicians will remove either a strip of skin containing hair follicles or individual units containing just a couple of hair follicles from the ‘donor site’, during a very lengthy and invasive process. This is typically done at the back of the head where a hair transplant surgeon is confident that further hair loss will not occur. These hair follicles are then transplanted to the recipient site where hair loss has occurred.

If you refer to any specific Scalp micropigmentation treatment in Adelaide, you can understand the non-invasive and instant method of getting a shaved head back with a close appearance of full head of ‘hair’. The non-surgical alternative procedure is so accurate that it is hardly detectable even with close observation by any individual

Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation Adelaide, Australia:

Unlike hair transplant surgery, Scalp Micropigmentation Adelaide is a relatively pain-free and quick procedure that gives instant results. Hair transplant surgery, on the other hand, can cause scarring, results are not necessarily instantaneous and it is not possible to predict exactly what they’ll be and whether they’ll fulfil the patient’s expectations.

On the other hand, Scalp Micropigmentation in Australia, can not only replicate the appearance of the hair follicles, generally the hair style is limited to a closely shaved head unless using scalp micropigmentation to overall thinning hair where it creates the illusion of density.

Disadvantages of hair loss medication:

Results can be unpredicted with hair loss medication as it doesn’t work for everyone. And mostly, any benefits of medication will stop as soon as the user stops taking the medication. Often hair loss sufferers find that any benefits they do receive are not worth the side effects that can include loss of libido and even impotence.

Scalp Micropigmentation in Adelaide, on the other hand, has no side effects and can provide a permanent solution to hair loss. Also it doesn’t leave any scar, rather hides them all that may have been resulted from the treatments like FUT or FUE hair transplant.

A Scalp Aesthetics Procedure Of Clinical Artistry Is Different From General Tattooing:

This procedure demands sharp Aesthetic skills of the surgeon to create the most natural looking concealment. It is different from general tattooing in terms of the specially designed pens, the depth of its insertion and the application of pigments and most of all requires expert understanding of natural hair follicular anatomy and the selection of the right candidate.

A highly skilled and certified professional of scalp micropigmentation Adelaide, Australian Caitlin James is completely qualified in Micropigmentation application. They provide topical anesthesia treatment to the patient before the treatment so that the whole process is carried out without causing any pain with only a feeling of pulsing or tingling in the head.