Female Hair Loss Treatment Adelaide

August 8, 2017

Before and After Scalp MicroPigmentation

Female hair loss can be heart breaking. If you are considering options such as medication, hair transplant surgery or using camouflaging sprays or powders, consider this. Scalp MicroPigmentation can easily camouflage the scalp colour permanently to give the illusion of a fuller head of hair without surgery, medications or frustrating powders and fibers.

Dermatologists have a small variety of treatments to help the hair loss and reduce the sometimes apparent inflammation, but none of these can confidently be predicted to impact the course of this disease. Steroid injections may be very helpful in restarting the hair growth cycle in treated areas. Steroid creams, lotions and shampoos have been used for many years but are of limited benefit at best.

Many ladies come to us and explain during consultation that they love it when they have been to the hairdressers and the dye has stained their scalp for a number of days, as the hair appears thicker and fuller. The illusion makes them feel better about their thinning hair. This is the easiest way to descibe the result – however the SMP (Scalp MicroPigmentation) is permanent.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to help camouflage areas of thinning and no growth, consider Scalp Micropigmentation. This is a tattoo treatment designed for specifically for scalp work to give natural and effective camouflage. Now available in Adelaide, dermatologists can now provide a more permanent option for their patient to provide more confidence.

Before and After Results - Scalp MicroPigmentation for Women

Before and After Results – Scalp MicroPigmentation for Women