Case Studies

November 2016 by THE LAV “I decided to look in to scalp MicroPigmentation after two failed hair transplants. I did my research and came across SMP Australia, it was a nervous time for me as I had negative experiences with a hair transplant clinic in melbourne. The first consultation i had with SMP Australia was very reasuring, I found Caitlan to be very professional and grounded through out the conversation and my thousand questions it appeared to me Caitlin was a person that not only cared for her clients but strived for great results.

I had four sessions of Scalp MicroPigmentation with Caitlin each session I could see the results just get better and better. Caitlin was very accommodating and made me feel very comfortable and involved with my procedure out outcome/results. Caitlin provides exceptional after care and continues to be the technician/artist that has changed my life in such a positive way and given me my confidence back. I chose to do SMP as it was an instant fix to male pattern baldness and a permanent fix with no ongoing cost. I chose SMP Australia as I believe she is the best in the business which in turn shows through her work and determination to acheive.” 

October 2016 by Ken “Thank you Caitlin for both your professionalism and passion for great results. You made the entire process comfortable and enjoyable, and I’m very happy with the end result. I also appreciated your flexibility around my busy schedule and travels, as well as the support and responsiveness outside our sessions.”


October 2016 by Amal “Thank you Caitlin for the fantastic results you delivered. .I am delighted with your skills and professionalism. I would highly recommended Caitlin for SMP..she is the best. ..”


September 2016 by John “I just finished my final session with Caitlin James and my face lights up whenever I look in the mirror.

I did a lot of research into scalp micro-pigmentation, reviewed dozens of pictures and videos on the internet and looked at old photos of myself with hair before I even stepped into a consultation room so I knew precisely what I wanted. I wanted a natural looking hairline and my thinning patches ‘thickened’. I did not want the hard, defined, straight hairline that is so common overseas. I was willing to travel anywhere in Australia to get the procedure with any company however in the end I chose to meet with Caitlin James in Adelaide because of what I saw on her Instagram.

In my first consultation, my guard was up because I did not want to be ‘sold’ into doing the procedure. Caitlin applied no sales pressure at all to try and win my business. She was completely open and honest and believed in what she could do for me. She was just being herself.

After I explained exactly what I wanted, Caitlin was candid about what she could do, how she would do it and how long it would take. She showed me her past works, offered clients I could speak with, talked about her company and even explained the difference in needles and inks she uses. There was no limit to my barrage of questions and Caitlin confidently answered them all.

I went home, thought about it some more and in less than 48 hours I was into my first session.

Caitlin’s honesty and openness gained my trust. Trust was the most important thing I was looking for in someone who would permanently change my appearance.

Caitlin is a master of her craft and a true artist. Her knowledge and expertise is evident in the in-depth explanation of her work and her pride and passion shines when she talks about recreating natural ‘hair’.

I could go on about Caitlin however only meeting her would put to rest any concerns you may have about hair tattooing and getting it done.

Regarding the procedure itself, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have natural looking, full coverage on my head again and I look ten years younger. My confidence just went up another level. I couldn’t put a price on how good I feel seeing the final result.

If it wasn’t already clear by now, I highly recommend scalp micro-pigmentation if you’re bald or thinning and sitting on the fence about it. And I highly recommend Caitlin James to do it for you.

PS – I am a real person. I did not know Caitlin before my procedure. I chose an anonymous account review because I don’t want extra attention and a successful procedure for me is one where those around me can’t tell I’ve done anything drastic. I’ve only told one person and even with a magnifying glass they can’t tell the difference between my real stubble and the tattoo. It blows their mind how just how realistic it looks.”


October 2016 by Victor “I’m so happy with my new look I feel and look 10 years younger a very natural look! I highly recommend scalpaestheticsadelaide thank you so much Caitlin James best in the business!!!”

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Before & After – SMP Adelaide

Before & After – SMP Adelaide

Before and After – SMP Adelaide

Before & After – SMP Adelaide

Before & After – SMP Adelaide

Before & After – SMP Adelaide

Before & After – SMP Adelaide

Before & After – SMP Adelaide

Before & After – SMP Adelaide

Before & After – SMP Adelaide

Before & After – SMP Adelaide

Before & After – SMP Adelaide

August 2016 by Chris “Thanks Caitlin for all your help from consultation to the end result. You took the time to make sure I was happy. Professional, innovative, exceptional are just a few words that describes your attitude and the quality of work you do.”


July 2016 by Lindy “My husband has recently had scalp micropigmentation by Caitlin. This was achieved with perfect colour matching and precision care, leaving a truly amazing end result. In fact I was so impressed with this clever, professional, talented young lady that I decided I’d get her to tattoo my eyebrows. This is something I had considered for a very long time but had never found anyone who could make eyebrows look natural. So with care and confidence, Caitlin achieved my desired eyebrows to perfection…so I am excited to say I have also now had my lips done. A very pleasant and painless experience. I can Highly recommend her.”


June 2016 by Andrew “Words cannot describe the excellent work Caitlin James Smp Adelaide has provided to me. I have only had one procedure and am really pleased with results so far. Highly recommend her.”


May 2016 by Travis “From the moment that I very nervously made the call to SMP Adelaide the staff
were well spoken, polite and professional and very flexible in scheduling appointment’s around my busy life, 3 weeks later I can actually say for the first time in 15 years that I have hair and it wouldn’t of being possible with out the experience or skills that Caitlin James gained by studying her craft here and in the states and mastering it, I did a lot of research before choosing SMP Adelaide as they are by far the most experienced ,accredited professionally recognised with the industries latest technologies and best practises here and over seas, and most importantly affordable scalp micro pigmentation in the southern hemisphere.
So If you don’t want your confidence back and look 10 year younger then SMP Adelaide aren’t for you, but if you, do it now it will change your life for the better.”


May 2016 by Julie “I can highly recommend Caitlin for scalp micropigmentation. I had areas of my hair thinning on my scalp and am very pleased with the results so far. I am also really pleased to have found Caitlin, she took the time to listen to my concerns and made me feel very comfortable. Her work is excellent and she has a great eye for detail! as well as knowledge of the industry and products used. Highly recommend.”